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We are very happy to announce Frédérique de Vignemont (Institut Jean-Nicod) will be the Closing Keynote speaker, joined by G. Garbrielle Starr (NYU) as a respondent.
Friday, March 1, 2013 – 6:00pm Elebash Recital Hal (Main floor)

Mary Flanagan (Dartmouth) will be the Opening Keynote speaker.
Thursday, Feb. 28, 2013 – 4:00pm Room C197 (Concourse level)

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Jason Tougaw – “Touching Brains”

Jason Tougaw, participant in the faculty panel on Thursday, 2/28, has an interesting and relevant post-conference blog post – “Touching Brains”

I’ve noticed a recurrent phenomenon in contemporary literature: scenes in which brains (or other body parts) are  touched or explored for signs of immaterial elements of self: mind, consciousness, affect, emotion, imagination, desire–what the philosophers calls “qualia”–the subjective, ineffable qualities that characterize our perceptual responses to the world around us. This happens in a variety of texts and genres, including (but by no means limited to) what some are calling “neuronovels” and what I’ve been calling “brain memoirs.” From David B's graphic autobiography Epileptic (Pantheon 2005).

Read more on his blog californica: portrait of the artist as an organism

Further on, Jason Tougaw asks for your response: “Now, I have a favor to ask. I’d love it if readers would let me know about examples of scenes in literature, film, or other art forms where brains or other body parts are probed, touched, examined, held, or cut open with the motive of finding immaterial stuff like the psyche or consciousness. A few examples come to mind …”

Conference Wrap-up


English Program Faculty Roundtable, Friday evening

Thank you to all conference presenters, moderators, faculty, keynote speakers, sponsors, and volunteers. This has been a tremendously successful conference with over 300 participants. The discussions that the panels, roundtables and keynote presentations prompted were lively and enlightening.

In the coming weeks we will be putting together videos of our two keynote speakers and making them available here. So, check back for updates.

Opening Keynote: Mary Flanagan

We are thrilled to announce that our Opening Keynote will be given by artist and innovator Mary Flanagan, Distinguished Professor in Digital Humanities at Dartmouth College. Flanagan will be giving a talk entitled “Never Mind the Body, Here’s a Game Pad? Embodiment in the Age of Play”, on Thursday, Feb. 28 at 4:00pm in room C204-205 at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Navigate to the Opening Keynote page for more detailed information on Mary Flanagan, links to her work, and to download the event poster.

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Announcing the Conference Program!

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