About the Conference

Minding the Body: Dualism and Its Discontents
Conference Date: February 28 – March 1, 2013
Submission Deadline: January 28, 2013
Click here for the Call for Papers or find it in the Navigation above and in the side bar.

  “The BRAIN—is wider than the sky—”
                      — Emily Dickinson

Opening Keynote
Mary Flanagan (Dartmouth College)

Closing Keynote
Frédérique de Vignemont(Institut Jean-Nicod), Keynote Speaker
G. Gabrielle Starr (NYU), Respondent

“Minding the Body” is an interdisciplinary conference hosted by the English Student Association in the English program at The CUNY Graduate Center. The conference includes work by presenters that considers theory and scholarship about the mind-body problem via a wide range of disciplines, including the humanities (literary studies, narrative theory, philosophy, visual arts, and performance studies), medicine, the social sciences, media studies, psychology, and cognitive science. Intersections between recent theoretical currents, including theories of mind and consciousness, ideas about emotions and affect, and the relationship between neuroscientific findings and understandings of embodiment, are explored. Perspectives on body and mind in narrative studies, literary theory, reading practices, and aesthetic or affective response, and how they might also relate to thinking about mind and body in other fields are also investigated.

Click on the related links for information on the conference theme and keynote addresses, registration details, a schedule, and a list of confirmed participants.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the conference co-chairs, Jason Nielsen, Paul Hebert, or Judd Staley at mindingthebodyconference@gmail.com

Co-sponsored by the CUNY Graduate Center Ph.D. Program in English, the English Student Association, the Doctoral Students’ Council, The Committee for Interdisciplinary Science Studies, The Center for Humanities, GC Digital Initiatives, The Center for the Study of Women and Society, The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies and the Twentieth Century Area Studies Group.


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