Conference Wrap-up


English Program Faculty Roundtable, Friday evening

Thank you to all conference presenters, moderators, faculty, keynote speakers, sponsors, and volunteers. This has been a tremendously successful conference with over 300 participants. The discussions that the panels, roundtables and keynote presentations prompted were lively and enlightening.

In the coming weeks we will be putting together videos of our two keynote speakers and making them available here. So, check back for updates.


3 thoughts on “Conference Wrap-up

    • Mari-Lou: it was wonderful meeting you and a pleasure having you on our outstanding panel on Empathy! It brought up a number of questions that I know I’ll continue to think about and hopefully incorporate into my scholarship. Thanks also to Jason, Paul and Judd for all your hard work and excellent organization of the event. Alicia will probably be mad at me for quoting her but I think she hit the nail on the head when she said “It really refreshed me and reminded me why scholarship is important.”

      • I’m not mad; it’s true–all good conferences (like this one) are so refreshing. Thanks, guys!

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